Morning Six Pack: Respecting the grit from Tuesday night

Earning a prestigious pop from the Morning Six Pack isn’t just about walk-off’s and rare performances. It can also be about hustle and grit too.

Two beers: Jameson Taillon, Pirates

Taillon took a comebacker off the bat of Hernan Perez to the head, and stayed in the game. The rookie pitched well, only giving up one earned over six innings and striking out three. The kid needs a couple cold ones.

One beer: Marcus Semien, Athletics

Semien scored from second on an infield single to win the game in the bottom of the tenth by catching Carlos Correa sleeping. Correa fielded a ground ball off the bat of Josh Reddick and drifted into shallow left without checking on Semien at third. Semien scooted home to win the game for the A’s. Coco Crisp, the centerfielder for the A’s, was thrown out in the bottom of the ninth between second and third when he was jogging (home run trot style) because he thought he had hit one out when he really only hit a double. Semien showed the vet how to do it right just one inning later.

One beer: Albert Pujols, Angels

Two three-run homers? Give this man a beverage!

One beer: Christian Yelich, Marlins

Yelich drove in both of the Marlins runs in their 10 inning win against the Phils.

One beer: Joe Girardi, Yankees

Girardi challenged his team before the last game of the series against the Red Sox, labeling the game as a “must-win” and the boys have responded. The Yankees have won three in a row and are looking more like buyers than sellers, much to the chagrin of every team that wants Andrew Miller.



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