Shiner Oktoberfest: The right amount of October in this Lone Star beauty

The leaves have been falling in the Northeastern United States for quite some time, but Oktoberfest beers have been on the shelves since the end of August. At the time, I wanted to puke at the thought of summer coming to a close. But as the calendar turns to November, I find myself ordering a number of different Oktoberfests. While I find some of these fall specials to taste like biting into a collection of autumn air fresheners (haven’t done that, but…), the Shiner Oktoberfest is not that way.

The Shiner Oktoberfest (5.7 ABV, 18 IBU)  is subtle in it’s “Oktoberness”. It gives you just enough to know that it is an Oktoberfest beer, without crushing your taste buds with a field pumpkins and pounds of malt. The perfect compliment to an evening spent watching Game 7 of the World Series (a little window into my future plans) or out at the bar with an order of wings.

The Shiner Oktoberfest is a true winner within the realm of Oktoberfest beers as you can drink a few without having your palate being overpowered. Enjoy the Shiner Oktoberfest!

**Photo is the property of Shiner, not of Baseball on Tap**

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