Beer Review: Phantom Punch Winter Stout (Maine)

The Phantom Punch Winter Stout comes from the Baxter Brewing Company in Maine. This seasonal stout is named after Muhammad Ali’s famous “Phantom Punch” that knocked out Sonny Liston in the first round of a fight in Lewiston, Maine in 1965.

This beer pours very dark and has subtle bitterness. There is a slight taste of cocoa with a pinch of vanilla. This tastes like a solid imperial stout but with a lower ABV, coming in at 6.8 percent. This is a good stout for a barbecue and a raw steak or for a later September baseball game in colder regions.

In short, this is the perfect six pack to bring when visiting the in-laws during the holidays. Just don’t drink too many and start hitting your relatives. After the “Phantom Punch” Ali stood over Liston and yelled, “Get up and fight, Sucker!”. Happy Thanksgiving.

Photo by: Rob Friesel

Article by: Joe R.

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