A taste of spring gives way to a wintry hell…GIVE ME THE HOT STOVE

It has been a while, I know.

Clemson won the National Championship, the Mets spent some extra cash (on a Blevins and a Salas, but still significant) and a short trip to Utah for some sightseeing kept me busy.

But it was 68 degrees today on the banks of the Delaware River. 68 degrees on February 8th and I can smell baseball. Birds were chirping and the sun felt just right.

But there are six inches of snow in the forecast for tomorrow morning and I need the Hot Stove to keep me warm. The flames have been stoked and here is a quick rundown on some of my thoughts.

  • The Yankees are about to sign Chris Carter to a one year, three million dollar deal (according to USA Today). Carter hit 41 HR’s last year and led the NL. While playing time will prove to be sparse for the career .218 hitter (Greg Bird and Matt Holiday should be penciled in at 1b and DH on most nights), Carter could provide a bit of pop off of the bench and bring some value back at the deadline. I don’t expect the Yankees to compete this year and Carter could be a good fit for a contender that is looking for some depth in late July.
  • Staying in the AL East, Joe Wantz of the Camden Depot  shared an article about the consistency of O’s starter Kevin Gausman. While he is not an “ace” in our traditional definition, Wantz notes, he believes that Gausman’s performance after July 1st last year is exactly what the Orioles will need in 2017. I’m not sold on Gausman, but Wantz provides some reasons to be here.
  • Major League Baseball has been kicking around some rule changes. A larger strike zone, not having to throw four meatballs to intentionally walk a batter and according to Deadspin, placing a runner on second base to start extra innings. To this idea I give the same greeting as I will to the winter precipitation tomorrow morning… GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

Baseball fields were made by God to radiate in the sun, not to be hidden under a white blanket. Pitchers and catchers are arriving at facilities all across the Majors now, it won’t be long…

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