Beer Review: Happy Banana Bread BEER Day!

Happy Banana Bread Day! As the night winds down I was happy to realize that one of the mix-six-packs in my fridge contained a Banana Bread Beer from Wells Brewers. Pairing this brew with a delicious chocolate chip banana muffin (special thank to my wife on that) qualifies me as the most festive person celebrating this holiday. I just want to know who the jamoke was on Twitter that made this day up when they were sitting in their mother’s house eating banana bread with their comic book. Anyway…

The Wells Brewing Company is located in England, just north of London, and has been brewing since 1876. According to their website, Wells makes 22 different beers.

The Banana Bread Beer is uniquely refreshing. The banana aroma is evident from the moment you open the can and the taste stays with you throughout the journey with this 5.2% ABV beverage. It’s smooth and sweet, without being gimmicky.

While I couldn’t pound a ton of these out at a local pub, I am enjoying the one I have here and could go for another. I would recommend this to the adventurous beer snob, or anyone who is looking for something that is uncommon. Nice job, Wells.


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