The Mission

I created Baseball on Tap to share my insight on the things I know best. Baseball and beer.

This all begins with people. The individuals that grace the fields at Major League parks have put in countless hours of fine-tuning their craft. The same goes for brewers (lowercase b, in this case…) who are tweaking their beer recipe over and over again to serve their customers.  Check back often to read about people; athletes and beer magicians.

When there is a moment in between innings, I will share some thoughts on American beer. The craft beer industry is booming and, well, I just can’t stop smiling about it. Tasting a new brew from a small brewery in Philadelphia is just about as satisfying as watching a successful hit and run during a mid-May contest at Wrigley. Beer and baseball go together, and you’ll get both on this site. Check back frequently to read about a beer that I have tried, or an interview with a brewery from anywhere in the United States. Baseball and beer, count on finding both with Baseball on Tap.

When it comes to baseball, you can expect a different kind of analysis. There are thousands of media outlets that cover America’s Pastime, who have much better contacts that I do. Baseball on Tap will look at the inner workings of the game. Managerial decisions, the cultivation of prospects and a mediocre player’s swing mechanics. We at Baseball on Tap will look at the game in a different way.

My name is Dan Licata and I am the founder of Baseball on Tap. My wife and I live in New Jersey, just a few miles from the Delaware River and the heart of Philadelphia. We like to go on road trips, hike and ogle over our dog, Shea. I am a Mets fan, but my passion for the game goes beyond my fanhood.

Please enjoy everything that BoT has to offer. If you have any questions or comments, please  e-mail me at and follow us on Twitter @Baseball_On_Tap. I look forward to hearing from you.


Dan Licata

Baseball on Tap