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Beer Review: Churchville Lager from Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

The Churchville Lager is brewed by Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company in Croydon, Pennsylvania, just a few miles northeast of Philadelphia. NCBC uses water from the Neshaminy Creek, a 40 mile long stream, in all of their beers.

The Churchville Lager tastes as advertised, “a no fuss amber lager”. It is easy to drink, refreshing and versatile.

The beer had all of the qualities that I would expect when tasting a lager, but was on the lighter side as I sipped it on this unseasonably cold winter evening. Flavorful, but not robust in any sense. Coming in with a SRM of 11.7 and a 4.9% ABV, it is the archetype of a stellar vienna lager.E51DFBFA-739F-49AA-8865-0EDE0295A6DF

As Neshaminy Creek put in the description on their website, the Churchville Lager is the perfect beer for “a night out with friends…or the holiday BBQ.”  I would not hesitate to bring the Churchville Lager with me to any outdoor party where I knew there would be a wide range of beer drinkers. Yes, even your Uncle Richard, who is still wearing those cutoff jean shorts and can’t understand why ANYONE drinks something other than Yuengling, would be interested in drink a few. And he’d probably feel pretty damn classy after taking the plunge.

The Churchville Lager from Neshaminy Creek is pleasing and I would recommend it to anyone. I’m also looking forward to visiting the taproom (my friends have given the space rave reviews) sometime soon!



Beer Review: Eight Point I.P.A. from Devils Backbone Brewing Company

The Eight Point I.P.A. from Devils Backbone Brewing Company (Lexington, VA) is worthy of it’s burly title.

The beer comes in at 6.2% ABV and is sure to put some hair on your chest, just like any real outdoorsman would proudly display through a flannel.

While the Eight Point I.P.A. has a sturdy body, it is something that can be enjoyed in volume while reminiscing about the day’s hunt, rather than a beer that needs to be stomached because it is too strong. This beer strikes the perfect balance between pungency and peacefulness. As DBBC describes the beer, it truly is “approachable.”

I would feel comfortable bringing this beer to an impressive early-season tailgate and hope to catch Devils Backbone at one of their Philadelphia area launch parties over the next two weeks!

Click here to locate Devils Backbone beer near you!

Beer Review: Happy Banana Bread BEER Day!

Happy Banana Bread Day! As the night winds down I was happy to realize that one of the mix-six-packs in my fridge contained a Banana Bread Beer from Wells Brewers. Pairing this brew with a delicious chocolate chip banana muffin (special thank to my wife on that) qualifies me as the most festive person celebrating this holiday. I just want to know who the jamoke was on Twitter that made this day up when they were sitting in their mother’s house eating banana bread with their comic book. Anyway…

The Wells Brewing Company is located in England, just north of London, and has been brewing since 1876. According to their website, Wells makes 22 different beers.

The Banana Bread Beer is uniquely refreshing. The banana aroma is evident from the moment you open the can and the taste stays with you throughout the journey with this 5.2% ABV beverage. It’s smooth and sweet, without being gimmicky.

While I couldn’t pound a ton of these out at a local pub, I am enjoying the one I have here and could go for another. I would recommend this to the adventurous beer snob, or anyone who is looking for something that is uncommon. Nice job, Wells.


Beer Review: Love of the Damned by Adroit Theory Brewing

Love of the Damned by Adroit Theory Brewing is a throwback, and you know it from the very first, reform-minded sip.

This “old ale” from the “Old Dominion” state is soft and smooth, almost velvety. A malt forward beer with a hint of fruit took me back to a simpler era. A history buff myself, I was reminded of a time where there was tradition before the likes of Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle or DiMaggio walked the Earth. This tradition was worldly tradition, the kind with stained glass and a roaring organ in a massive cathedral. But there was an ever so slight rebellion in the taste, one that reminded me of a historical figure who was cut from a different cloth, Martin Luther.

img_0275Yes, the German monk who turned the world on its head when he started the Protestant Reformation in the early 16th century. Luther never set out to revolutionize religion, but I don’t think Adroit Theory was trying to be a rebel either. The brewers, it seems, wanted to resurrect the spirits of the past, and correct any current misconceptions. They did a damn good job (even beyond the very cool label). If Luther would have had access to such a beer, he would have posted more than 95 problems on that door in Wittenberg. Love of the Damned would have served him well as he took on the titan that was the Roman Catholic church.

As I continued, the alcohol taste eased behind this rustic brew, and that is how it should be. Love of the Damned is comforting while packing a punch at 9.6% ABV.

It isn’t exotic. It isn’t revolutionary. It reminds us of what beer ought to taste like. The cause of this brew is similar, in a way, to Luther’s some 500 years ago. Love of the Damned is a beer drinkers beer, and I would recommend it to anyone.  


**By the way, Martin Luther apparently LOVED beer.**


“Whoever drinks beer, he is quick to sleep; whoever sleeps long, does not sin; whoever does not sin, enters Heaven! Thus, let us drink beer!” —Martin Luther

Beer Review: Phantom Punch Winter Stout (Maine)

The Phantom Punch Winter Stout comes from the Baxter Brewing Company in Maine. This seasonal stout is named after Muhammad Ali’s famous “Phantom Punch” that knocked out Sonny Liston in the first round of a fight in Lewiston, Maine in 1965.

This beer pours very dark and has subtle bitterness. There is a slight taste of cocoa with a pinch of vanilla. This tastes like a solid imperial stout but with a lower ABV, coming in at 6.8 percent. This is a good stout for a barbecue and a raw steak or for a later September baseball game in colder regions.

In short, this is the perfect six pack to bring when visiting the in-laws during the holidays. Just don’t drink too many and start hitting your relatives. After the “Phantom Punch” Ali stood over Liston and yelled, “Get up and fight, Sucker!”. Happy Thanksgiving.

Photo by: Rob Friesel

Article by: Joe R.

Shiner Oktoberfest: The right amount of October in this Lone Star beauty

The leaves have been falling in the Northeastern United States for quite some time, but Oktoberfest beers have been on the shelves since the end of August. At the time, I wanted to puke at the thought of summer coming to a close. But as the calendar turns to November, I find myself ordering a number of different Oktoberfests. While I find some of these fall specials to taste like biting into a collection of autumn air fresheners (haven’t done that, but…), the Shiner Oktoberfest is not that way.

The Shiner Oktoberfest (5.7 ABV, 18 IBU)  is subtle in it’s “Oktoberness”. It gives you just enough to know that it is an Oktoberfest beer, without crushing your taste buds with a field pumpkins and pounds of malt. The perfect compliment to an evening spent watching Game 7 of the World Series (a little window into my future plans) or out at the bar with an order of wings.

The Shiner Oktoberfest is a true winner within the realm of Oktoberfest beers as you can drink a few without having your palate being overpowered. Enjoy the Shiner Oktoberfest!

**Photo is the property of Shiner, not of Baseball on Tap**

Beer Review: Double Nickel Vienna Lager is a Home Run

When it comes to analyzing baseball, I’ll leave my own fanhood at the door. But when starting to review beer for Baseball on Tap, I’ll start with something close to home.

The Double Nickel Brewing Company is located in Pennsauken, New Jersey. DNBC recently celebrated their One Year Anniversary and they are one of my favorite spots to stop for a happy hour brew or to fill up a growler for the weekend.

The Vienna Style Lager, a member of DNBC’s “Core Four Series” is remarkable. Having grown up in Southern New Jersey, the word lager was synonymous with Yuengling. When I sat down at the DNBC brewery, I heard a number of other guests raving about the Vienna Lager. I reluctantly decided to try the beer, and I was shocked at how smooth and how creamy the beer was.

The Double Nickel Vienna Lager is a home run for your day at the beach in the summer (a friend and I enjoyed a number of those on the Jersey Shore this past July) or while watching a football game during the fall. The 5.3% ABV gives this brew enough of a punch to satisfy those who enjoy it, but won’t put you to sleep before the 7th inning stretch.

This beer is damn good. Check it out if you see it on tap or in a store near you. Click here for a map of where DNBC beers are located.