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Featured Brewer: Brant Dubovick of DryHop Brewers

Brant Dubovick, the Head Brewer for DryHop Brewers and Corridor Brewery & Provisions in Chicago, isn’t new to the booming craft beer industry. This New York native relies on over two decades of experience to bring new beers to his customers every week.

Dubovick’s journey as a brewer started in the mid-90’s when he began working at a couple of breweries in Pittsburgh. In 1998 he was offered an assistant brewer position in his hometown of Long Island, New York. The desire to take the job was there, but he opted for a corporate position that provided the added security of health benefits.

dryhop-brewers_beer-copyThe decision proved to be a setback in the career of this beer maker. Dubovick wasn’t meant to wear a white-collar to work. His internal rancor, along with the encouragement of his wife Denise, led him to leave the desk-job for one in the world of beer.

In 2004, Dubovick landed a job as the assistant brewer at the Lancaster Brewing Company in Lancaster, PA. While working there, he registered for the American Brewers Guild program to enhance his knowledge of brewing but was dissuaded from entering the program by Brewmaster Christian Hiem. Heim felt that he could teach Dubovick just as well with intense, on-the-job training. Dubovick would stay at Lancaster Brewing for just over a year before accepting an assistant brewer position at Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh.

Within a year of working at Church Brew, Dubovick was promoted to Head Brewer. Dubovick worked in this role until 2011 when he left Pennsylvania to open DryHop Brewers.

If you are the type that likes to try exciting beer recipes, look no further than DryHop Brewers. Dubovick and his team promise one new beer every week, but strive to churn out two or three originals every seven days. This week they collaborated with Alarmist Brewing to create “Sellin’ the Dope” which is described as “an 8.1% Hoppy Farmhouse with loads of peach flavor and a citrus rind finish”!

Dubovick describes DryHop as a “welcoming” spot where people can meet and “get to know their neighbors.” “We want you to put the phone down and and talk not only to each other, but also to our staff,” he shares.


Keep staring…

While you are enjoying one of the unique brews from the team at DryHop, you can also enjoy a bite to eat. Dubovick and others believe that their burgers and chicken sandwiches are the best in Chicago. The best news? For $15 you can snag the “Barman’s Banquet” which includes a burger, beer and a shot. Heaven does exist.

The next time you check out the defending World Series Champions on the North Side, be sure to stop in to chat with Brant, enjoy a few of his creations and meet a friend or two.